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Make the most

out of your Movebooth

Engage your attendees and meet your marketing goals using these Movebooth best practices. 

Setup for Success.

This is much more than a photo booth, so customize your booth with your marketing goals in mind. Try adding a URL to the SMS message, and enable the custom email with call-to-action button. This allows you to easily promote a product, landing page, album release, or app.

Location.Location. Location.

Movebooth is an incredibly fun activation for your attendees. So, try not to hide it from them. Make sure you position your booth in a high traffic location. Thanks to the small footprint, you can put Movebooth anywhere easily. 

Make a scene.

Movebooth can stand on its own without staff, but adding a team member to engage with your attendees and fans makes the experience even better. Signage, backdrops, and props can also draw people in to the activation.

Reintroduce yourself.

Your event is over and you are left with new leads. Don’t let them rot. Download your

contacts and put them to good use. Add them 
to your mailing list, invite them to your next event, or surprise them with a promotion. 
Engage early. Surprise and delight.

More value included.

We’ve covered the best practices, but there is so much more Movebooth can do including event analytics, attendee demographics, co-branding, and more.
Looking for ways to make your events better? Just ask.